PyCon Belarus 2017

Feb 06, 2017

PyCon Belarus 2017

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend PyCon Belarus as a speaker. Shout-out to Maya, Dimitris and Nikos at Transifex, Alina, Katja and Yulia from EventSpace.by, and all the other people involved for making it happen!

My talk was called “Going global with Python”, and you can see the slides here. It’s the first time I actually speak in public about this topic, but I think it went well. Here’s a pic from the talk.

Various people approached me after to thank me or ask questions. Overall I would say it was a pretty interesting bunch of people attending, and I managed to get a lot out of the conference despite many of the talks and discussions being in Russian. Some interesting talks that I found the slides for included Binary Python by Armin Ronacher, Queue with asyncio and Kafka by Ondřej Veselý, The What and Why of Python and Elasticsearch by Honza Kral, and Python 3.6 & Performance by Igor Davydenko.

Last, I had the pleasure of walking around the city of Minsk which was very beautifull, dressed in white. One thing I liked in particular was the street art on Кастрычніцкая (Kastryčnickaja) street.

Definitely recommended for next year!