journal entry for Monday the 6th of January

Jan 06, 2014

journal entry for Monday the 6th of January by kouk

Hello 2014. Let's see, will I succeed in keeping a journal like I've promised myself many times before? "This time it's different", right? Well is it? Yes, at least in two ways:

  • I will publicize publish at least two entries a week on my blog. At least, while in between I may keep private entries or not.
  • The handwritten paper should also be published alongside the text. Yes it's a bit of extra work but maybe it will help me with my handwriting, and also appeal to some readers who are hipsters like me :-)

But why keep a journal in the first place? Well I think that the struggle to find the right words to say something is fruitfull in many ways. Writing is  a Great technology, capital G. But in the process you learn a lot about what you know and what you are. An extra reason to keep a journal is as an exercise in discipline. Kind of like getting up in the morning and going running, you win just by exiting the house. So I could stop right here I suppose and chalk one up.

The empty page however beckons.

My thoughts on the new year are a bit unclear. All through the previous year I had been planning that it would be great in a a particular way. Now, the particulars are wiped away and I have to improvise. Lesson #1 don't dream about particulars, have broader dreams. The major particular that I was dreaming of was my girlfriend moving in with me, and our relationship progressing to new heights. Instead, under the fog of this all important goal, reality brought a sudden and painfull breakup between Christmas and New Years. Don't ignore reality, it'll bite you like a feral dog.

The upshot is I can focus more easily on the new job, which I'm excited about and have (broad) hopes about :-D

Here's to an exciting and productive new year for all of you!