Only, by Kostas Karyotakis

May 16, 2011


Oh, it all had to come about the way it came to be
That hopes and roses withered
That, like boats, the years left me
Left and faded away

That, like we would part at night
So many friends forever were lost
The place where as a child I grew
One afternoon I left behind

The pretty, simple girls - oh loves! -
Life was to take away - dance whirl
Even the pain, once fragrant,
Was to bear barren upon me.

All of it had to happen. Only the night
Wasn't to be so sweet
The stars there blinking like eyes
As if laughing at me.

Nipenthi, 1921

translation of "Μόνο" by Kostas Karyotakis by Kostas Koukopoulos. Video by @iacovos_camchis. Music by Lena Platonos and singing by Savina Yannatou.